Friday, December 5, 2008

Who Says Canadian Politics Are Dull?

“take away that fool’s bauble, the mace”
-Oliver Cromwell

Today, in Canada Stephen Harper managed to convince the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until January. Prorogue is a new word for me - means to defer or postpone. Whatever you call it the PM (Mr. Harper) managed to have it done for the first time since since, well, forever. His rationale was that the opposition parties were planning a no confidence vote on Monday and that this would be bad for Canada. Well Mr Harper the election that you called did not fundamentally change anything so it really behooves you to work with the parliament you have. If you can't then get off the pot and let someone else have a go. You will still have to deal with a no-confidence motion in a month or two, proroguing, suspending, or deferring parliament is just staving off the inevitable and showing you to be the arrogant power-lusting politician that you are.

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