Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pajak Indonesia 101

Aturan - Aturan unutuk pejabat pajak.

1) Cari orang yang sudah bayar pajaknya
2) Memaksa mereka bayar lebihhhhhhhhhhh


Is He Real?

And the answer is Of Course. Far be it for me to contradict NORAD. Athough I have to admit that their explanation is a bit lame. I mean anybody who operates in a different time/space continum has probably designed a sophisticated cloaking device which would outfox anything NORAD could rig up.

Merry Xmas to all those who celebrate it.

photo from NORAD

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just don't understand...

The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.
Marshal Mcluhan

Why would people ascribe stupid names for their kids? I knew a kid once by the name of Harry Hole. Boy did he take it at high school. But naming your kid after Adolf Hitler? Better start buying the whoop-ass now because little Adolf will be eating nothing but for the next 16 years or so.

If there was ever a case for forced sterilization then this would be it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A (pseudo) message from the ministry of tourism

Dear Potential Visitor

Please come to Indonesia. Didn't you notice that we are having a special visit "Indonesia Year 2008"? You must have missed the 2 day advertising blitz. Whats so special you ask? For starters we will be hitting you up for an extra 25 bucks coming in and 15 bucks leaving. We really really really need the money and we figure that anyone coming here can certainly afford to be nickle and dimed. Besides, just because no other tourists spots in Asia have a VOA is no reason why we shouldn't. We're mavericks you know - who wants to run with the crowd? Moreover, as any accountant will tell you, its always best to get your money up front.

Hope you like our beer. Sorry about the lack of hard stuff. On the bright side even if we had it you probably couldn't afford it. Actually our lack of booze its your fault. Wasn't it you guys who told us to clean up corruption? Drinking is bad for you anyways.

By the way we have a new porn bill but don't worry - our panel of experts have determined that you will not in inconvenienced in any way - maybe - we don't plan to trot it out except for special cases.

See you soon!

Your buddy


Helpful tip...come in an airplane. Don't sail your own boat or we just might confiscate it. You could be smuggling alcohol for all we know.

Somebody really should have told the rest of Indonesia about the Tourism Ministry's little promotion plan. Didn't they get the memo?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Big Bad Porn Bill

"we must refrain from the male altogether." Every wife and mistress is to refuse all sexual favours whatsoever, till the men have come to terms of peace." Aristophanes

There has certainly been a lot of buzz about the RUU Pornografi. The bill has even been translated to English for benefit of the expat community. There has also been lots of moaning and hand wringing about how this bill will single-handedly protect the morality of youth (highly unlikely) or destroy the plurality of the nation (also highly unlikely). But what no one has thought of yet is how to get this bill overturned...till now that is.

All that's required is a Lysistratian approach to the honored members of the DPR by their, ahem spouses... and/or girlfriends. Lysistrata as you will recall is the greek play in which the women of Athens stop a war by denying their husbands while simultaneously sexually provoking them. Just imagine all the old DPR boys coming home to their nasi ayam with nothing else to look forward to. For added excitement a series of Dewi Persik concerts could be scheduled across the country. I'd think you find that that bill getting back on the table in no time.

So ladies its really up to you. I'm recommending a 1 month vacation from the male member - that should get their attention.

You can thank me later.


Open And Cased Hole - More Eye Glazing Stuff

Logging as a business can be split into 2 subgroups namely Open Hole or Cased Hole. Open Hole logs are performed during the drilling phase of an oil well. The main goal of Open Hole logs are to delineate productive intervals (if any) and provide data to estimate volumes of oil in place. Open hole logs can also be used to determine formation strike and dip, improve seismic imaging, and provide depth accurate core and fluid samples of reservoir rock.The engineer has several types of logs at his disposal to make these kinds of determinations - what logs are actually run depends on what the customer wants and how much about the reservoir is actually known. Most decisions as to whether or not a well is productive is based on data from Open Hole Logs.

Cased hole logs generally occur in wells where the drilling process is finished and the well is in the completion or workover phase. These Logs are run to perform a specific service or answer a specific question. Cased Hole logs can also be used to measure reservoir deplection, production characteristics, or casing integrity (over time) which can all affect the life of an oil well and the design of future wells.

Most logging engineers are specialised into either Open Hole or Cased Hole. There are a few that do both on a regular basis(this would be me). The specialisation (or lack therof) is mostly due to market forces rather than any particular desire of the engineer (or company).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Who Says Canadian Politics Are Dull?

“take away that fool’s bauble, the mace”
-Oliver Cromwell

Today, in Canada Stephen Harper managed to convince the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until January. Prorogue is a new word for me - means to defer or postpone. Whatever you call it the PM (Mr. Harper) managed to have it done for the first time since since, well, forever. His rationale was that the opposition parties were planning a no confidence vote on Monday and that this would be bad for Canada. Well Mr Harper the election that you called did not fundamentally change anything so it really behooves you to work with the parliament you have. If you can't then get off the pot and let someone else have a go. You will still have to deal with a no-confidence motion in a month or two, proroguing, suspending, or deferring parliament is just staving off the inevitable and showing you to be the arrogant power-lusting politician that you are.

Have a nice Day