Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A (pseudo) message from the ministry of tourism

Dear Potential Visitor

Please come to Indonesia. Didn't you notice that we are having a special visit "Indonesia Year 2008"? You must have missed the 2 day advertising blitz. Whats so special you ask? For starters we will be hitting you up for an extra 25 bucks coming in and 15 bucks leaving. We really really really need the money and we figure that anyone coming here can certainly afford to be nickle and dimed. Besides, just because no other tourists spots in Asia have a VOA is no reason why we shouldn't. We're mavericks you know - who wants to run with the crowd? Moreover, as any accountant will tell you, its always best to get your money up front.

Hope you like our beer. Sorry about the lack of hard stuff. On the bright side even if we had it you probably couldn't afford it. Actually our lack of booze its your fault. Wasn't it you guys who told us to clean up corruption? Drinking is bad for you anyways.

By the way we have a new porn bill but don't worry - our panel of experts have determined that you will not in inconvenienced in any way - maybe - we don't plan to trot it out except for special cases.

See you soon!

Your buddy


Helpful tip...come in an airplane. Don't sail your own boat or we just might confiscate it. You could be smuggling alcohol for all we know.

Somebody really should have told the rest of Indonesia about the Tourism Ministry's little promotion plan. Didn't they get the memo?

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