Monday, May 14, 2012

Its About Time

If the news is to be believed Paul Watson has finally been arrested in  Germany and is awaiting extradition to Costa Rica for attempted murder. One can only hope that no bail will be allowed and that the wheels of justice turn slowly.  For years now Watson and his thugs has been roaming the seas assaulting sailors and endangering  ships. People came close to getting killed a few years back when one his boats collided with whaling vessel in the south pacific. If this group is allowed to continue its reckless activities it will only be a matter of time before someone is killed. When that happens I wonder how the Hollywood dilettantes and holier-than-thou animal rights activists who support Sea Sheppard's criminal activities will wash their hands of them.

Friday, May 4, 2012

And then there was one

 A couple of years ago we found three orphaned dogs at the side of the road and decided to adopt them. One ran off not long after we had him neutered. I lost the second one today.He had been hit by a car and terribly injured. The vet said he was in a lot of pain and that he might never recover so I asked that he be put down. Its a sad thing. Bobi loved to chew on patio funiture, and sandals were never safe left outdoors in his company. A terror to cats and frogs he would try to catch the former and dig up half the garden pursuing the latter. He could always tell the sound of my bike and tended to race alongside whenever I approached the house. He would rarely bark and always let my tukangs daughter pull his ears with never a yelp nor growl. He liked to stay clean unlike my other dog who,in spite of our best efforts, remains something of a tick factory. He wasn't the smartest of dogs but he knew how to take a snack from my hand without snatching it.  I'm going to miss him. If there is such a thing as doggie afterlife I hope its filled with neckermans and sun beds - Bobi will appreciate it.