Friday, May 1, 2009

Good for Them!

The women of Kenya are attempting a Lysistratian approach to force the male members of the country to quit dicking about and to approach their countries problems in a serious manner. Good for them I say. I offered a similar solution to a certain porn bill a while back which regrettably is now law here in Indonesia. Still, with all the present horsetrading going on in the presidential run-up this may be a good opportunity to test the Lysitratian approach.

btw.... Who names their daughter Lysistrata anyways? Damm clunky Greek names. Why wasn't she named Doris, or Chloe?


delvi said...

ah, pj bali i just blog about the same thing.
don't mean to plagiarize here.
but finally i can see a real Lysistrata in a real life.

pj said...

Hi Delvi

Its only plagiarism if you copy and thats not the case so no worries. I just think that its an interesting story. Nice that someone else picked up on it.

Thanks for dropping in.