Monday, May 25, 2009


OK I'm a little behind the times. This was old news. Shows you how connected I am.
Apparently if you are planning your next Antarctic expedition a cheeseburger may be high on the list of must-have items. I guess the days of pemmican and trail mix are long gone.
Personally I think that the canburger is possibly the nastiest product on the Internet. At first I thought it could only be made in America. But I was wrong. It actually comes from Switzerland??!! WTF? Why can't they stick to chocolate...or banks..or ski resorts?

Where can you buy this stuff? When I follow the link I get a blank page. Is it my browser, or is the canburger not from this world? Curiosity is killing me.
Has anybody actually tried this product? Would you admit it if you did? Is it one of those guilty pleasures?
All these questions. I'm losing sleep already.


Patung said...

Site works for me, try 'translating' it that can get around problems -

pj said...

Works now. I think its mostly because I sometimes use a company portal. Does strange things with the browser. Thanks for the suggestion.

pj said... that i can see the sight I almost wish I couldn't. Love that powdered wine.

rima fauzi said...

Maybe it's not a canburger but a can'tburger? :p