Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little Quests

I have this strange urge to make waffles. However I've been stymied (so far) in my search for a waffle iron.

Where does one find a halfway decent waffle iron here in Indonesia? The ones I've seen so far look that they were made to cook exactly 1 waffle before dying.

The thing is there are dozens of brands of sandwich makers out there. Odd (to me) that none of these suppliers have thought to include plates to make waffles instead of sandwiches.


Life goes on.


Multibrand said...

Hi PJ,
I like waffles which I usually buy at the restaurants.

pj said...

Hi Harry.

Its very hard to compete with a homemade waffle.
I'm following up some leads now.

the dream catcher said...

so goodbye waffles? :D

pj said...

I'm compelled to update. I was beginning to despair when I heard that a shipment of nanotec grills/waffle makers was recently spotted at hypermart. They were going fast but I managed to get my hands on one before they sold out. The Nanotec model actually works pretty well once I figured out that the hasps used to keep the plates in the waffle maker were missing. I had to take the hasps off the sandwich maker plates and put them on the waffle plates to get that first waffle. It was well worth the effort though - those waffles were delicious!

Melanie said...

I just passed a "Waffle Lolly" kiosk in Ancol, Jakarta... That's right: waffle on a stick!

pj said...

Hi Melanie

A waffle lolly? You just never know do you. How was the waffle. Did you try one?