Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pigs Ears

Whats going on with catering these days? Did they forget to pay their bills?

Last week it was tripe. Basically pig guts cut up and served in a stew. Yesterday pig's ears showed up in the galley for lunch. You could see them hiding amongst the cut wieners and garbanzo beans. Apart from my dogs who really looks forward to Pig's ears after a hard day on the skid deck?

Today we had the leftover pigs ears in  sauce with the trotters thrown in to thicken it. This is a seriously worrying development. Whatever happened to pork chops, pork loin, bacon, or even ham?

Nervously anticipating the tails and snouts - what parts of the pig can't be eaten? Damn pig is doing more dead than it ever achieved in life.


colson said...

It only takes a good cook to turn goat's eyes, rats, oysters, intestines, slimy snails, and -for a few exceptional connoisseurs only- the meat of a fellow human being, into a delicacy.

So why not pig's ears ? :)

pj said...

The key phrase here is a good cook haha. Not always the case here. Sometimes I don't really want to recognise what I'm eating.

Multibrand said...

Hi PJ,
Caterings for workers seems to be the same everywhere. Their cooks tend to work without heart.

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