Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fail: Operasi Valentine

The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) seems to have found itself in the news lately. What with their members turning up in massage parlors, threats to prosecute Jaipongan under the porn law, and its support of the porn law itself, seem to contradict their stated appeals to be a more inclusive political party. In light of this I really did not know what to make of the PKS's Depok branch recent operasi valentine initiative , a program to deliver chocolates and flowers to young people in the hope that this largess will garner votes in the upcoming election. Now its a pretty cynical assumption on the critical powers of the electorate if you think that you can sway them with candy, but what really surprised me was the words valentine's day and PKS being mentioned in the same sentence. I thought that the PKS didn't like valentines day. Were they turning over a new leaf of was this whole operasi Valentine just another cynical ploy?
Miraculously my musings were answered today when the chairman of the PKS put the official kaybosh on the Depok chapters little plan. To quote party chairman Tifatul Sembiring “The plan has been aborted because the Shariah Council bans it. The reason is because [Valentine’s Day] is related to Jewish culture (wtf?? Jewish culture?). We would never celebrate anything that is not in line with Islamic culture..So it turned that the PKS Depok branch were not being cynical or inclusive - they were merely simpletons who acted on their own before checking with the big bosses. All of this begs the questions:
a) How can the PKS claim to be inclusive when their leaders repeated claim the contrary;
b) If their own cadres don't know what the PKS represents then how can they sell a platform to the electorate?

It will be interesting to see how the PKS fares in the upcoming election.

The PKS has their own site here (in indonesian)
Their mission statement along with summaries of other political parties can be found here (in english)
Jaipongan - A dance form from West Java


schmerly said...

What a bloody shambles! and they want to run a country of around 240 million people, gawd 'elp 'em.

Just by coincidence my word verification is nonact! kind of apt really.

pj said...

They should all carry cue cards. Funny bunch of characters.

schmerly said...

Maybe St Valentine was Jewish?? LOL.
The clueless morons strike again.

Akhyari said...

well, i am a moslem, but i am not that cynical about anything from western. I think, PKS will also give islam a bad name :(
I am so unhappy about this

pj said...

Hi Akhyari

Thanks for leaving a comment. Can't really say whether they are good or bad for islam...but I think they need to make sure that they are all in the same boat if they want to be taken seriously as a party. Politics should be fun and some of the politicos take themselves waaaay too seriously... need to be taken down a peg or two imho.

schmerly said...

pj I've posted this on another blog, but I thought I'd bung it in anyway.
"The PKS statements mark the second time this week the party’s take on morality has been in the spotlight, after a PKS councillor in Jambi Province was seen in a legal massage parlour. A PKS spokesman said the parlour was not providing sexual services, but that married PKS men should only be massaged by blind male masseuses"
I don't think I'd like a blind male masseuse fumbling about in my nether regions, but there again I expect certain people might get a kick out of it!

isman said...

I'd really like to see a Jewish Valentine banquet. It's all about love.

On a side note, Schmerly, Fumbled Blind Masseuses is a good name for a rock band.

pj said...


I haven't seen much in the way of valentines day promotion here in haifa. But I did manage to find this link, just for you.