Friday, January 9, 2009

That'll show 'em

“Jews of Arab Countries: the Congress is convinced that Jews living in Arab countries do not appreciate the kindness and protection that Muslims have granted them over the centuries. The Congress proclaims that the Jews who live in the Arab states and who have contact with Zionist circles or the state of Israel do not deserve the protection and kindness that Islam grants to non-Muslim citizens living freely in Islamic countries. Islamic governments must treat them as enemy combatants. In the same way, Islamic peoples must individually and collectively boycott them and treat them as mortal enemies."
- The World Islamic Congress meeting in Amman, Jordan, 22 September 1967

I'm surprised no one in Indonesia hadn't got round to this earlier.

Today, extremists in Indonesia finally got their revenge on the Jewish Entity. How? you may wonder? Israel a long ways away and there is no border or any direct flights. Heck Israel does not even exist in the Indonesian Psyche. But wait...If you can't find the enemy without then seek the enemy within. All twenty of them. Yep there are Jews in Surabaya! Holy Hanukkah lets have a demonstration! For sure those Jews are causing all that trouble in Palestine. I know...lets seal the synagogue. That'll show 'em. Israel is sure to open the borders now. Hey... Why not just kick em out? Guess where they will go then....hmmm? Now lets get back to our demonstration to show solidarity with Hamas and support for human shields.

I don't really see the point of this type of action . How does closing a synagogue help the Palestinian cause? Never mind the endless litany of "don't attack the religion, its not the religions that are bad". Never mind reinforcing the negative perception of muslims being intolerant. Never mind it was actions like this that saw a huge exodus of Jews from Arab countries to Israel after 1967. Never mind the Jewish community has been in Indonesia since before its inception. Never mind that they have kept a low profile, never bothered anybody, and never proselytised. Never mind they are Indonesian. Nope lets attack 'em anyway. This whole Israeli/Palestinian death orgy is their fault and their fault only.

People of Surabaya you can rest easy tonite. Abdusshomad Buchori has assured your safety. You don't need the Army, Navy, Air Force or Police to protect you. Put your trust in Abdusshomad Buchori and his band of merry men. Tomorrow Abdusshomad Buchori will root out those pesky sympathisers, supporters and Israeli agents that have caused everything from 911 to the Aceh Tsunami. "Go for it!" I say. They shouldn't be too hard to find....

Just look for horns under the hat!


therry said...

Maybe they run out of McDonalds and KFCs to close down that they need another place to vent out all that unnecessary anger?

It's totally ridiculous. No wonder this country is so left behind in almost every aspect.

What a joke!

What's next, burning churches? I'm sure these extremists don't even know that Jewish people are not Christian and they don't even believe in Jesus, because they seem to be in desperate need to blame someone OTHER than the Jews.

pj said...


Nice of you to drop in.

These folks don't think ahead. It's actions like this that just proove israels argument for its existence.

schmerly said...

What a sad bunch of morons, this sort of thing is happening more and more in Indonesia since they got their so called democracy, and most Indonesians I talk to are getting a bit sick of this crap, I think it's time SBY got off the fence and did what he promised when he was elected.

pj said...


I don't really blame the followers....I blame the leaders who encourage this sort of stuff to happen an who (i think) hold their followers in contempt.