Monday, November 17, 2008

this is just weird

Apparently sex with cyberwhores is just as damaging to marriage as real sex with real whores. I had no idea until now that these virtual reality sites even existed. Doesn't say much for my cyber-worldliness does it. What motivates people to create these kind of sites? Can you imagine the conversation between the marketing and engineering departments?

E: We have the new range of avatars

M: Great! Where are the genitals?

E: Genitals?

M: Yup we can sell em! We cater to narcissism. You want bigger boobs and balls? No problem, we provide the upgrade.

E: Ok we can make those...anything else?

M: Need some BDSM gear too. Where's that?

E: BDSM gear?

M: Well people like to experiment you know. What safer place than in a virtual environment.

E: OK BDSM gear. Got it. Check. Anything else?

M: Yes there is significant demand to make the avatars fully interactive with other aspects of the program.

E: In English please.

M: The avatars need to be able to have sex with anything, pets, inanimate objects, you know...

E: Okayyyy....

As an Engineer it just seems like a huge waste of bandwidth to create sites catering to virtual sex. It has a sort of juvenile appeal (in much the same way as a farting contest) but really, is this what software designers went to school for?

PS. Be on the lookout for cyber condoms, cyber stds, cyber hiv blah blah blah. You heard it here first.


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isman said...

There will be the day, when someone's avatar has more sex in a day than the real person in his/her lifetime. People are already getting married in online games anyway.