Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Prisoner Exchange

Kasiem is a genius.

Imagine being able to pay someone else to do your prison time. Think of the business opportunity. You could even set up an exchanges whereby short term credits in maximum security prisons could be exchanged for longer terms in nicer prisons. Otherwise unemployed people could now find meaningful employment as exchange brokers.The govenment could even generate revenues from licensing aforementioned brokers as well as a service fee levied on each transaction.

Its a win-win as far as I can see.


colson said...

Without proper limits money rules all in a runaway capitalist world .

Pay someone to mend your car.
Pay someone to do your laundry.
Pay someone to take care of your kids.
Pay someone to translate your interests into law.
Pay someone to be your hit-man.

Pay someone to do your time in jail is just another version.

pj said...

Indeed its as if one were transported to the 19th century era of robber tycoons.

I've been reading e gombrich's "a little history" where he says almost exactly the same thing. Social and capital forces seem to work best if there is a balance between the 2 - sort of like tao symbols to put it crudely.

Multibrand said...

Hi PJ,
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
Re your topic : very interesting, but contradictory to the basic idea of prison sentence i.e punish and give lessons to those who committed crimes so that they would not repeat their crimes.
If inmates are allowed to ask others to represent them in doing their time in jail, they would repeat their crimes again.

pj said...


You are absolutely correct. I'm just engaging in some harmless hyperbole.

I did tag this post as satire.

Luchie Mendoza Allen said...

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pj said...

Luchie and Color Contacts

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a supportive message. To be completely honest my knowledge of Indonesian prison systems is superficial at best.