Thursday, July 1, 2010


I read The Hobbit in eighth grade. In that time I was travelling in the Kananaskis country and perhaps it was the combination of story and scenery that did me in. I was hooked. Upon finishing The Hobbit I immediately sought out The Lord Of the Rings and spent the next year reading it over and over again, ever trying to squeeze out the last bits of trivia from its appendices. A few colleagues from school shared my addiction and we would happily debate the geography of Midde Earth or how to pronounce Osgilliath, Mithrandir, Orthanc and other names and places from Tolkien's World. But if I thought I was an LOTR geek, than these guys take the cake. Imagine making movie prequels - this is geekism on a whole new level. I actually sat down and watched both these films, the first concerning the heritage of Aragorn, and the second centered on the hunt for Gollum. For actors working on a pretty low budget - the project cost only $40,000 or so - I thought it was a very reasonable effort. Enjoy the films - they are after all still free.


H. Nizam said...

Hi PJ,
I am always glad to be back here reading your interesting blog.
The last two movies you mentioned seems to be interesting, I'll check it out later. Thanks for sharing.

pj said...

You are up early this morning Harry. I found the movies enjoyable but then again, I would. There are lots of themes and allegories in Tolkien's work but I like the story for its own sake.