Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm planning a general spruce up of the property this year. Keeping up with the Wayans, Mades, Nyomans, Ketuts and the like. There has been  a something of a building boom  in the neighborhood lately and I'm feeling left behind. Its also a chance to fix up some of the more glaring problems of the old house. Anyways I've clipped a first draft of the reno. Trying to think of a name for the place. Ideas gratefully entertained...


H. Nizam said...

Hi PJ,
Sounds interesting! I remember building my house on July 2008
till' March 2009. It was a very interesting experience: slight changes in design and materials

pj said...

Indeed! Those architects are so clever aren't they?
I'm hoping the project will be a success. Struggling with the old place more and nore these days. Getting fed up with it.

Rob said...

Classic bad names that make me smile would be;
Or howabout a new cheesy Indo mix Roomarumah?
House looks nice though, good luck with the renovations.

pj said...

Hey Rob

Thanks for dropping by and for the good advice on what names not to use.

Ranie said...

Well,what about PJ's Nest,or something common like "PJ's House",or could be better "PJ's Kingdom" or Negara PJ....Hemmm.....

pj said...

Hi Ran

You will have to bring your passport next time you visit.

Kerajaan PJ has a nice ring to it doncha think? Then I would have to by my gardener a uniform hehe.

I suppose the name will present itself if the reno ever gets done.