Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Geriatric Menace

You see them everywhere, dressed in their worn Pecis and tattered Kebayas.



Wandering around menacingly with firewood strapped to their back...

Squatting by the roadside with kreteks stuck to their lips. Casing out their opportunities.

Motionless as snakes waiting to strike.

You know who I'm talking about. It's those nasty old people. Just the other day one was arrested for stealing a bunch of bananas. That’s right an ENTIRE BUNCH! A few weeks ago it was cocoa pods. Three of 'em! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm telling you now the police and government here really need to do more to protect the wealthy in this country. It's truly a crime when such wanton pilferage is allowed to go unchecked. And how can the people expect the police to catch the big fish if the little ones are allowed to flout the law? An example needs to be made.

The miscreant in this banana theft is no stranger to thievery. Only a few years earlier he had stolen a chicken for some nefarious purpose. They should have thrown the book at him then. Instead the softies in the justice system let him back on the street and voila, a banana tree has been mercilessly separated from her fruit. Now apologists will try to engender sympathy for this crook by pointing out that he is old and half blind. That’s just what these types of thieves want you to think. Don't mind us old folks. We are just doddering around here here mind'n our own business - next thing you know your mango tree has one less mango.

I'm getting a dog. A big one


johnorford said...

Old people aren't the same as they used to be - in the old days old folk were trustworthy sorts, nowadays you feel nervous just passing by old couple on the street.

pj said...


Thats why we need more prisons...oops I meant seniors homes

H. Nizam said...


Your nicely written article made readers think that it's okay to take Cocoa, Melon etc. from other people's trees, while actually it's not, because the Penal Code ruled that stealing anything can be punishable. Only court judges can decide, based on their own discretion, whether or not punishment should be imposed.
The said 'petty' punishable crimes became very ironic if compared to the 'big' unpunished crimes reported by the media every day.

Just a thought.

pj said...

Hi Harry

I suppose my point is something along the lines of: given that there is only a finite capacity for prisons and incarceration, is is really worthwhile putting the small fish in jail. The punishment should fit the crime.
Another example: say you are one of several workers in a large office. you get up to go to the bathroom and upon your return you find out that your pencil has gone missing. Say further that you report the crime to the police and they swoop down and search everyone in the building. How long do you think it would be before your coworkers set you up if you are found to be the one reporting to the cops. Yes you did the right thing but does the crime really suit the actions. Is not another way possible?

I did tag this as sarcasm.

H. Nizam said...

Okay Pj, I've got your point.