Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The race this weekend reminded me of a poem that pops into my head whenever I'm on water. Went something like this...

Of all the winds that ever blew.
Into all the sails that were ever made.

Left no mark upon the earth
They blew
They filled a sail.
They pushed a boat.

And after they had done their work
The earth remained the same!

Can't say the same for a Jet-Ski or a Wake Board.

Free boatride if you can tell me who the poet is-was. (sorry plane ticket not included)


Anonymous said...

Wendell P Bradley is the versifier for whom ye searcheth!!

Sail Boat Ride in BVI?

pj said...
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pj said...

Thank you O wise one. Wendell P Bradley was indeed a writer of some renown in the 60's on all matters sailing. That issue of Holiday Magazine is available on eBAy. Amazon also sells his books (used I'm afraid).

BVI sounds like a plan now that I have this movie star schedule.

I'm still awaiting verification of the poster caper. Send out your minions out to seek answers from that ex-navy fellow.

Harry Nizam H. said...

Nice poem ...
PS: thank you for visiting my blog