Monday, October 27, 2008

Pedophilia For The Rich.

There is a lot of buzz on the local Internet about a Muslim cleric, Syekh Puji , who has married a 12 year old girl in Java despite of a number of laws that specifically prohibit this sort of thing. Apparently he even has his minions out looking for more children to fill out his legal quota of wives. As marriages are a matter of public record and no secret has been made of the wedding I'm surprised that some time has been taken to "investigate" this crime. The fact that the cleric in question is a wealthy man may go some way in keeping the law at arms length. The cleric has also used religious reasons to support his decision with the implication being that these reasons supersede the law of the land.


Something really needs to be done. Last time I checked Indonesia was still a secular republic with its own criminal laws and constitution. Being wealthy does not entitle one to flout the law publicly and does giving generously to the poor is not a license for paedophilia. Now its not so shocking to realise that this sort of thing exists here. Pobably happens in a lot of countries. But it is shocking when the people in charge here can't see anything wrong with it and don't have the good grace to be ashamed when their hands are caught in the cookie jar. The same people who were in the streets when playboy opened its doors are suspiciously reticent when one of their own has subverted religion to achieve his own perverted ends. Not to say that people have been silent - the stirrings of a reaction are beginning. But really, if you ever needed a reason to hit the streets, protecting you kids is probably the best reason I can think of.

I find myself wondering why God has been playing extremely fast and loose in selecting those who claim to represent him on the mortal plane. Personally I would not accept any ones' religious credentials without a signed declaration of power of attorney from God as well as some attestable, repeatable and demonstrable miracles. Parting the Red Sea would be a good example, or even parting a small lake. Claims that you are just following your leaders example don't count. And Sheik Puji, even if you could walk on water, I would still have a hard time believing that the rape of children is justifiable from holy writ.


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